Baptism/Christening at St Peter’s

Our church is now able once again to host Baptisms (Christenings), following the change in lockdown rules on July 4th. These would be with a limited number of guests, and without one or two of the normal elements. However some families may welcome the opportunity for a simpler service, and we would be very happy to discuss with you how to make it a special and memorable day. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

We’re delighted you are thinking about baptism. The first step is to join us for worship on a Sunday, and speak to one of the clergy to talk to you about the options available.

Baptism or Thanksgiving can be offered to those who live within the parish of Preston Plucknett, or to those who live outside the parish but  are regular worshippers at St. James’ or St. Peters.  The parish boundary covers most of NW Yeovil, including Westfield, Larkhill, Abbey Manor and Preston Road areas. If you’re not sure either put your postcode in to this site: or get in touch with us via the contact page.

Baptism of babies and children  

The Baptism (also known as ‘christening’) of a child involves the parents making a serious commitment and requires careful thought.  Parents make a declaration of their own Christian faith, and promise to pray for their children, and to bring them up as Christians in the life of the church. It is a requirement of the Church of England that godparents are themselves baptised.

We also offer a Service of Thanksgiving for those who wish to express their thanks for the birth of their child but who are not yet ready to make a commitment to follow Christ.  During the Thanksgiving service parents and families give thanks for the birth or adoption of a child and everyone prays for family life. It can take place in church with the congregation, or with just family and friends gathered, or elsewhere such as home, or even in hospital.

Baptism of adults and older children

Those seeking Baptism for themselves will need to undertake a course of instruction appropriate to their age. The candidate will also need to worship regularly with us during the period of instruction and want to make a commitment to be invovled with the church on a continuing basis.

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