Eco Church

St Peter’s Church and the Environment

We are not separate from the environment God created.  We are all part of it and share our DNA with everything on the planet.  For instance, did you know we share 70% of our DNA with bananas?  But we have treated our home like a sweet shop to be plundered and consumed to the extent that we have now created an environment that is hostile to us.

So, species of animals, birds, insects and plants are becoming extinct, and large parts of the world can no longer sustain daily life for humans.  So those people are migrating round the world in huge numbers seeking a new place to live, creating a refugee crisis for the rest of us.

There are fires, floods, pandemics, and wars over ownership of land containing precious resources of metals minerals chemicals to support modern day ways of life like mobile phones, batteries etc. causing more destruction of our planet.

How do we react?


IIt’s a lot to worry about and some ways of coping with it all are to pretend it’s not happening, or to worry and feel hopeless.         

Or Action?
  • Pray for our world and take positive action!
  • Join with others to find out what to do.
  • Start doing something.
  • Find out where the resources are.
  • Encourage friends to join in action.
  • Make practical changes.
  • Make a difference.

That’s what we are doing at St Peter’s.  We have formed a ‘Creation Care Group’ which anyone can join.  We don’t meet very often, but we do practical things, and we are now part of ‘A Rocha Eco Church‘ and have been awarded a bronze award for all the environmental changes we have made in our church.  We are continuing to make more changes, and hope soon to have solar panels on our roof.  We have changed our energy provider to 100% natural energy already, we are recycling our waste where possible, and we have started a wildlife garden at the back of the Community Centre.

 We like to collaborate with the local community and several of our members are part of the Westfield Community garden project.

After a successful litterpick in February, we are planning another on 4th May. So if you want to join us please let us know so we have enough grabbers and bags. 4th May 2024 meet at St Peter’s church for a briefing at 10am then litterpicking preferably in pairs and 12 noon return to the church for refreshments. Coffee and cake. This is a joint effort between Westfield community association and St Peter’s creation care group.

                                                                   Margaret Hamilton C/O St Peter’s Church